App running very slow when export apk

when i do live test of the app then it woks properly . But when i export it into apk and open in my mobile then it does not rum properly as live test . It work very slow . In my app 8 screens . what is the problem please help . Because i want to publish it on Google play store .

Instead of 8 screens use layouts.
There are many topics about it.

How should we know?

Is this only screen issue ? Is another way ? Because there is very limited screens .

Would collapsing blocks speed up the export also?

No. Why should it speed up? The blocks are still there

Do you have online images in your app. If you have it, try async the images

No there are only 4 images and one json file of database , which are uploaded , there are 5 urls of one website ( Different types of knowledge )

An another thing is that when i export the apk my mobile is hanging . So i try in another mobile but that is also hanging . I guessing that when ads not set in app then when i export the app , app running properly but when set ad and complete the project then export , app not runing properly .

Is this is your website

Yes but , while i am add update app system then it not work properly.

in current days due to asset images there is loading of images from kodular server assets thats why your all running of images will come after images loaded from kodular assets, …
you just try when 2nd screen or onward screen opens then you just turn off and on immediately internet connection if there is smooth running of app then its lagging due to assets images… if problem still there then try out to set all things in one screen…

I’ve got your final solution, yesterday I went through the exact same situation - I’ve got 11 screens +4000 blocks and it worked perfectly until yesterday, then it started to happen your same situation (because I added On text change component wrong but it took several hours until I realize) .

Whats the solution? -> 1) Initialice your project in each of your screen and see if it freeze (most likely it wont )
-> 2) Write down the screens where the apk freezes.
-> 3) Initialize that screen that is freeze but with all blocks from that screen DISABLED. You will see how the screen runs properly
-> 4) Finally, my problem was “on text change” component, I was not using it properly, and that made my screen freeze. Try removing it. If you don’t have it, enable one block by one to see which block is the one that is freezing your screen