App screen not opening

Hi guys I am creating a app for work to manage inward and out ward stock management, each and every step I export app and checked and it’s working good…
But at last I add delete list item block, then export the app but it’s not opening, again and again I export many times… I’m clearly telling not errors in my block setup. .
This problem is at second screen. .i stop second screen the app was open and work at first screen. .and I disabled all blocks in second screen… Then I try same happened. .
Please help me…
I attached a apk and aia file also
signet_industries.aia (449.5 KB)
signet_industries.apk (6.4 MB)

Please post a screenshot of your relevant blocks.

Please read Avoid Crashes of the Application for some of the components. From a quick look at your aia your using spinner in Screen2 and elements from string should left empty in Designer’s properties. Fill property, compile and see if it works for you

Search in comunnity about This subject ok ???

Thank you… That was a the error when it blank errors come else errors will not come…

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