App Showing App Keeps Stopping when testing it after downloading the apk file

Use clock component in screen 1 as below :point_down:


blocks (24)

blocks (25)

Try this using this method :point_up_2:

Now i have changed the duration as per your animation

I used this method just now but it is still showing that error

can you post how changed blocks after adding clock component

Did you removed When Phase1 AnimationEnds ?

@Anwita_Divya Can you tell what this phase block do then i can help you

@Aditya_Nanda It is for animating components !!!

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Can you share the link to this extension let me check all its work

Yes, I did. These are the blocks -

delay int : Amount of time after which animation should start (in milliseconds).

See this i got it

Ok, I did that but now then also it is showing that error

try giving 100

Remove clock

Actually, the animation is happening after that it is not working

@Anwita_Divya , can you try to reduce the animation duration that is 2000 in your blocks. Try to set it 1000 or lesser as the clock interval is 1500 then try again.
Or may you post your apk here?

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Ok, I am posting my apk
Sketchy.apk (6.7 MB)

@Anwita_Divya App working fine no closing

But it is closing in my phone

Mine also.

Have you tried that i said here​:point_down:

@Aditya_Nanda Second screen was not opening for me !!! Did it opened for you ?

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Wait i send recording

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