App Stopped Immediately

My App Is Stopped when i click on button
Component used
Airtable Spreadsheet
Chameleon Ads (I Think Ads Are Good But Airtable Spreadsheet not Working)
Video:-Video Of My Issue

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Instead of just ordering to watch your error video, provide some more information so that others can understand your problem. No one is going to download your whole video, watch it, find the problem and help you. All are not free for such things.

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can anyone help me please, i search in community but i can’t get answer

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Well you didn’t ask a question. Read your first post again and then give more information. See the link i gave you.


sir see video in video all information are given when you see video then u will know my issue

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i saw in your video that you click on a button and nothing happend, what have this to do with airtable.`?