App suspend due to Device and Network Abuse policy

i get this email from google console what should i do next to prevent suspension
must reply plzzz

Translate it if you do not know English and read it, there is the answer


do you think what i mean to say…
i cant understand what to exactly fix in my app
if you cant help me soo please dont waste your time in my issues
thank you

If you click on the links and go where exactly they say you read?

everyone know about section 4.8 and 4.9
see my question title i already read all the condition given there but i did not cross any of them so i just think that may be someone also face that same problem…
so he/she help me in this case

If you can not find solutions there you can ask in Google forums, there are the workers of Google Play, I doubt that if you do not detail the problem well you can solve it here.!forum/play

i already did that

Can I know the name of your app and what was the content in your app ?

Is that related to any kind of hacking or way to hack…or something like that …???

Yaaaa the content is to know about basic ethical hacking and to prevent us from hacker

Google play started banning apps especially if it has hacking (term)content .

It may take weeks before you will receive another reply good luck been there :slight_smile:

So there is no option to live my app…

Just wait for the reply and if your appeal is approved then it’s good and if not then move to another project.

i got the same error bc of a youtube video. If you close your app the video does not run in the background. It have to stopped on its own. It take a week to got the right answer from the support, what i have to change.

Thats what made your app get suspended… ! Dont try to upload any of such app again… this time you may lose your console…

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I had this very problem about 2 years ago. The app used only a menu and a webviewer of my website.
I didn’t understand why it happened.
It is like I was accessing the internet without the user’s permission, but a webviewer is basically to that so doesn’t make sense.

I think it was a mistake from Google but I didn’t anything about it.