APP too big, no download

APP too big, no download.

Hello people, how are you?
I created a children’s game, which I use a lot of images, sounds and images with movements, during the creation many were not used, but I didn’t delete it, now the app is big and I have to delete some but I can’t identify the ones that don’t have a link to a page , my suggestion is: when I delete an asset element, the developer is informed if there is something linked, this would be very helpful.

Maybe you could try to download it as an appimage.

You are confusing “delete” with “download”.

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It is really a problem, I suffer with this problem too.
It would really be amazing if Kodular could implement something to help us find where a file is being used.
For now what you can do is to use the extension:

With the extension you can search for text in the blocks. You will have to do it in each screen, and won’t help you to find images that were set in design, but it is better than nothing

Instead of deleting anything, could you maybe try this guide and see if it’s possible to keep everything?

I don’t know if it will have any effect, but I think it would be interesting to change the topic tag to “Suggestions”.

Because that’s a great suggestion!

Well, if anyone search for “Big app” or “App too big” they will get that guide from Anke on top of results, it’s a guide of how to be able to create bigger apps then allowed. So I would say the correct category is Guide, as it is now :+1::relaxed:

You’re absolutely right, my mistake, following the protocol.