APP under Kodular approval - Continue editing

I’m one more person who has an APP to deserve approval (I’m awaiting approval from Kodular).

Meanwhile I detected writing errors and thought of a small improvement. Nothing special that changes the essence of the APP.

Can I continue to edit the APP, or do I have to resubmit a request for approval later?

Thanks guys!

Mientras esperas a que te aprueben la app en google play, puedes seguir editando la app en kodular.
While you wait for the app to be approved in google play, you can continue editing the app in kodular.

Thanks for the feedback!
Sorry, I didn’t explain myself well. I’m awaiting approval from Kodular.

When uploaded to the Play Store, Ads are shown automatically without approval.

David thanks for the feedback.
That’s not the point. When I submit the project for approval from Kodular, can I or can I not continue editing it?
Or if you continue to edit the project, which is under kodular approval, do I commit to submitting a new approval request?

You can edit the Project while waiting for approval. The Approval will stay until you delete or copy the Project. The original one will have the Approval forever.

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