App Unfortunately stopped

I’ve tried many times since yesterday to today morning But i cant find any error on my cooding…(app unfortunately stopped ) if anyone trusted person take my aia and plase give me a solution i cant do anymore…24 hour on comuter screen just just trying and trying :frowning: please if possible anyone plase help me…

Without to see what you have tried we can not help.


can i give u my aia file? u can check ?

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yes or you can show your blocks here

Sir please check inbox

First you have 10 screens.
Then you use extensions which current not works.
We have first to release a new bug fix release.
And then we can help you more.

But for now you can nothing do.

sir which xtention currently not work??

In makeroid system is current a bug with any extension.
We have to rollout first the next bug fix release.

Ok sir i m waiting for this…thanks sir

Can you check if your project works if you remove the extension “com.mirxtremapps.FirebaseAuth” ?

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QR extension works.

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Yeah looks like that some extension works not on companion only.


I have solve it