App update link, this is for private use!

Clickerrr(1) (4).apk (6.7 MB)

above is the upload link.
below is the hyperlink

What actually you trying to doing or telling ?

i actually posted this for personal use. like im trying to build an in-app function but its not working, i’ve tried all methods and doing exactly as they tell me to do, but its still not working.

Show what you have tried.

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actually i was implementing in app update in my app but its not working, i’ve tried all methods even update extension. can anyone help me with blocks?

What blocks have you tried with?

It’s kinda easy if you want a private app with possibility to download update.

You can for example check if version code is lower than last update when initializing app.

Use airtables to store latest version, when app initializing it checks the version on installed app vs. version that’s in airtables. If there are new version you just use google drive or another cloud with private fileupload with possiblities for sharing files.

The link to the new apk file you also store in airtables :wink:


Here’s some blocks I put together as an example. Have not tested, but I think it might work with some modifications :slight_smile:

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i have done the same but i am facing problem with downloading the app from drive link, i have tried with other cloud network, but it is not downloading and i am not able to update it. i have also enable all permissions including read and write storage. can anyone please help me with a aia file which has working method of in app update. @Choofa do let me know whatelse i can do. thanks :slight_smile:

Look at my example blocks, see if they can help you :wink:

yeah same way but i have used firebase, but the 1 main problem is the new apk file is not downloading

give me a min, ill post my blocks

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even after i replace the “global up_link” with direct link. its still not downloading.

Had to go out with my dog, so can’t test these blocks myself atm. But I can’t see anything wrong with blocks. What about the URL? It’s correct, with HTTPS…?

oh that fine, thanks for helping!

link - . com/file/d/15qlY91IBFLw-lcVMpfgy0TeUyG1jAeAj/view

You should not share link if it’s a private app with sensitive information :crazy_face:

Have you tried adding the link directly to the component in settings?

its just a test app :stuck_out_tongue:

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yess, even that doesn’t work :man_facepalming:

if you are comfortable we can discuss more in telegram, ill dm my id to you

No problem, if you share the solution here when the solution is found :slight_smile: So others with similiar problems could find answers here :wink:

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yeah sure.

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