App with 7MB on Samsung Galaxy turns 34MB

I created an app on Kodular that the apk has a real size of 7MB, when I transfer to a Quantum MUV phone it keeps the size, however, the same apk app transferred to a Galaxy turns into 34MB. Someone could explain to me why that happens. I need to understand to avoid memory problems when the app is distributed.

First apps can consume memory by storing data in tiny db or any local db or caching images…Also the size of the APK is small but it becomes bigger when it have been installed on the mobile…I have an app that its size 8mb but when i installed it becomes 72 mb :crazy_face:

Mohamed, I think it is very strange for a cell phone brand to keep its size and for another brand the size is multiplied by 4x. Android is the same version (6.0).

Would the problem be the firmware of each manufacturer?

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I don’t know … But when i install my apps on a lenovo phone its size is 8mb when it has been installed it becomes 27mb…After storing in tiny db or something like that and cache images…It becomes 72mb…May be you are storing data or caching images using image utilities or any other image loader?

I will try to understand what causes this increase in the apk. Anyway thank you so much for trying to help me.

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You’re welcome :blush:

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I got a topic on Quora :point_down: about this which might help you to get answer to your query

Why does app size increase after installing it?

At the time of installation, the app extracts its resources from apk file (zip file) to function correctly.

But after extraction, the sizes were supposed to be the same. Isn’t that the question of the topic?


If you read that quora topic linked by me you will find that the apk format is like zip file wherein all the files compressed and so is its size. But once the app is installed the apk files get unzipped and hence the size increases

But after extracting zip files in my Laptop they become 2-3 times in size.
I wonder why that does not happen with you. :thinking:

I read. And I know that, obviously, anything compressed decreases in size and the reverse process brings the real size. The question of the post is because they are with different sizes on devices of different brands. Or maybe I’m still sleepy … :+1:

That is exactly the point. :slightly_smiling_face:

Probably because of Android version.

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Every file grows after unzipping. I didn’t say it doesn’t increase. Read the topic question … Funny Friend


But my name is Sunny :smile: :joy:


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I believe that is the reason. This problem was apparently minimized in version 7 of android. Unfortunately, you cannot consider this possibility as it would greatly restrict the number of users who can use the app.

Probably the second reply in the topic linked in my reply addresses similar thing? :thinking: