App works fine in companion but not after installation

I have created one app. it works smooth when i use it in companion. all blocks work perfectly.
when i compile and install to mobile it shows error. is this known bug.

What errors is it showing? Please be more specific.

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Eror code is

Bad arguments to list?

The operation is in list? cannot accept the arguments (It shows label text here) empty-stringe

Remember it works smooth when in companion but not after installing in phone.

The error says that your list FAVLIST seems to be empty

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Your TinyDB on you companion is a different one then that from your installed app. One is filled and one is empty. So on first start you have to fill it with something.


I tried filling with another different tag but did not work. If i use same tag then i looses my last store value and there will be no use of tinydb then.