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I created a application back in 2019 i guess, but now i open the project and try to export it again because i want to update api setting and make some upgrades. but application crashing on start, like when app initialize its crashes. i delete the other screen same issue, then i delete all blocks of first screen same issue, then i delete all imported extension same issue, then i delete all components same crashing on start. like i deleted everything but when i export it same crashes, but i test the same project with all screen and all components its completely working on companion test app. but when i export same project it crashed on startup, i try to copy the screen to other app. it crashes on screen start not on app start, like something is in screens but i delete all the things like block extensions and components but again screen crashes on startup. can kodular team help me out?
btw i change all api even app is not working on old api

here is the old compiled application which i did in past
Smart Tube (Video Promoter) 2.0 Download Android APK | Aptoide tested on android 9 (maybe it will not work properly because i change some
settings in server )
and here is the latest one which is crashing on start
Smart_tube_api19.apk - Google Drive

Welcome to community. Check if About Screen Title is empty in Screen1 otherwise check Avoid Crashes of the Application for some of the components

01-12 08:15:39.130 13097 13097 E AndroidRuntime:        at
01-12 08:15:39.130 13097 13097 E AndroidRuntime: Caused by: /tmp/1641962755783_0.5122707638952837-0/youngandroidproject/../src/io/kodular/ransomarcs/Smart_pro/Screen1.yail:37:55: unbound location null

i added text in both screens but again crashed. i already tell you i deleted everything. just screen1 was there with no blocks no components and with no extensions. but was crashing

Is About Screen Title filled ?


Otherwise post here or pm me your aia to give it a look

aaahhhh, thanks boss you save me i spend many months back in 2019 to make this project.

I problem solved don’t forget to mark solution :white_check_mark:

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