Application crashes on specific screen

hi team,
I had created application with 4 screens.
Till last week it was working fine but suddenly it came up with an issue.

When i am opening a new screen after login, the application just crashes without any error.

I have removed many of unwanted screens but still the same issue.

Can somebody please advice?

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Hi Peter,

not sure how do you want me to put the issue here.

Application was running fine till today.
I havent done any changes and it started going off.

I have already checked on the google and other platform community blogs as well but to no luck.

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Maybe show your blocks, your components, do you use large assets, etc. With the info you gave it is hard to help.

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the screen has got many blocks (Please let me know if there is anyother way to share those rather pasting as a screenshot)

As i mentioned, I didnt change anything on the screen (the one which is giving me an error)

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Do you use large assets? You can make a image of your blocks by rightclicking in the blockeditor and select the appropriate menuoption. Post it here. Tell about your app. You have to provide info else no one can or will help you. And that you changed nothing doesn’t mean that nothing is happened. Something did.

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Check How many Images You are using in Your App and The Size of the Images. If the Images are of Large Size or if you use a lot of Images then Try using I use this to reduce my Images Size and it should Fix your crash if its related to Assets or like Out Of memory Error


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images which are shown in the app are stored in firebase.
even then i tried reducing size of those but to no luck. :frowning:

How do i checks logs for the screen?

I have added a notifier block to log on screen error event but dont know how to and where to check the log?

Can someone please advise…
The app is in its last phase.

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Check This to know how to use LogCat

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I am sorry to say but you started asking for help more then an hour ago. Users asked you questions about blocks and image sizes. Why don’t you just give an answer or show what they want.

I asked you the above more then an hour ago. I feel reluctant to help you if i have to keep asking for information.

See tips and tricks.


it wasnt because of screens.
I was using lottie animation over it and i believe it is causing the issue.
When i am trying to load new json lotie file on new screen it is going off.
Is there any know issue with lotie jsons?
i see error,


This page exists only when you are not looking!


There was a bug when Lottie component was introduced. I don’t know if it is still present or not as I have not used Lottie component after that.

See my below reply, to one of the similar topic for some more information

Hope it helps :+1: :slight_smile:

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Hi Vaibhav,
i had read posts about it before using it.

Few days it worked fine but now it is not.
one thing i noticed, the link to lottie json file doesnot show the actual json code.

if you try below link -

it will give you error 404.

Having said that,
I copied the json file to my webserver and tried using new url for source. Even then it failed and app crashed.

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Hmm… I think the problem is with the json url. I tried same for other lottie files and some of them gave me the same error

For de-bugging purpose, find a working json url and then try to insert it in your project.

If this works, then you might have to change your current lottie file.

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I couldnt find a working json.

But as i said,

I tried saving a copy of json file on my webserver and use it but it didnt work as well…