Application does not open screen 2

The application opens normally, we register and log in, but after logging in, we enter screen 2 with user information, but the application stops and closes. Can anyone help me, I want to send the apk and aia to the email of whoever can help me, as it contains a paid extension. Thanks.

screen blocks image 1

screen blocks image 2

Have you checked Avoid Crashes of the Application for some of the components ? Otherwise use logcat to identify what causing the crash

I’ve tried to do it, but I can’t use this program.

Post your aia so someone can have a look at it

Agenda_Psi_teste_2.aia (3.0 MB)


Aia not ais. Ais can not be imported unless I have installed all extensions that you use in my project

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Visualizador_De_Listas1, Visualizador_De_Listas2 - Elements from String - empty . Fill them, compile again and test


Friend, I already did what you told me and I even delete the list viewers, but still with the same problem.

I did the test to open screen 3 and it opened normally, but when I put it to screen 2 the error appears again, I already deleted the lists but the error continues.

I suppose List view’s Elements from string property field is not the root cause of the crash.

I checked the aia Download component’s Save File As property field was empty in screen 2


In screen2 spotlight heading text is empty

Also user is using three deephost extension

In Screen1 no deephost extension he used it seems, so no problem with it

I am not able to identify from my notebook the marking you made in the first image where it is circled. could you tell me where i can find it in the notebook?
I will remove all mentioned extensions

I was able to identify your tag. already deleted the extensions and filled with the text hints in the components that cannot be empty. I will take the test.

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