Application export problem

can anyone plzz help me to solve this problem i have worked on this application from 2 months and now having problem to export so plzz help me.

Check your internet connection
Clear browser data, clear cache

And try again,

ok let me try this

same error after clearing all data and chache files



Which extension are you using?

Screenshot your package name.

taifuntools extension

this is my project name

:eye: :grin:

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Show your package name from screen1 properties


the package name format is wrong as @Boban already told in his reply above


Package name is wrong

Set like this…


I swear people be creating news apps and not knowing the correct package name format. This has been asked like a 1000 times. Why do mods approve such topics, just bombing the community with the same thing over and over again.

It should not necessarily be this. It can be anything as long as it follows the general rule/example i.e. com.example.mypackagename OR you can leave it empty and it would be taken by default


This was only for his understanding.

There are probably more then 10 issues that can cause that error but

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