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Please can you help me as is the process to request the Kodular administrators to review my application before uploading it to google pley. The goal is to have no problems with google pley in relation to the ads.
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Hello @Adriana_Alzate,
If you are going to publish your app on Playstore then ads will be shown in your app without applying for approval of monetization. You can test ads in app with test mode enabled.
Kodular Staff will not test your app for ads whether your app will display ads after publishing it on Playstore.
If you have any problem ads blocks then you can search community and YouTube.

I think you should approve your app first for ads by kodular before publishing your app to Play Store because the publishing app to Play Store take time like about 7 days or more. So in that mean time you can upload your app to your website and market it or promote it through ads once the app is published successfully you can change the download link of your app in your website.

The question is about the following

I read out there that Kodular should review the application to know what it is about and know what ads to place. Because as we know, the google pley platform is very demanding and then there may be a risk that you will not be suspended from the application due to unsuitable ads.

Kodular will only review apps if you are not publishing to Google Play Store.

If you are publishing to Google Play Store then Google will review the app themselves. Kodular has nothing to do with this.

Just follow Google’s policies, use some common sense, and publish the app. If Google don’t like it they won’t approve it.

I see that you did not understand my message. I logically uploaded the application to google pley with my admob ads

So what is your point then?

Hi @Adriana_Alzate
We are not able to understand your question completely.
Can you elaborate it more?

Btw ,

I think You are saying that the administrator of the Kodular review the app…

That the app are following all the policies of google…
Is the app violating any of the police then the kodular admin tell her first. So that she can make such changes…

Am I Right ? @Adriana_Alzate

Thank you all for helping me with my concern.

and more or less what Alapjeet_Singh_ says was my concern

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Mam… Kodular Admin can’t do this… You have to read Google Policies & Check of their own.
Make Your app that follow all google play policies

Good luck…