Application Size and Multiple Components

I am starting to run into some serious issues trying to manage dozens of various Firebase Gets, with one Got.Value component.

It will be much easier to have a couple different Firebase components, however I am worried about size,

If I have more then one Firebase component does it increase the size as a multiple of the size of the component?

try it. it will not increase a lot. maybe 0.01MB to 1MB

Well I know it will increase, I just want to know if someone knows if it is an N+1 or a fraction.

Use if tag = the tag you called… Do something. I use this and i have to use only 1 Firebase most of the time.

If you need a valve for different circumstances then make a global variable like valuefor and set it to a particular name and inside the if tag add another if tag and check if valuesfor = a then set value of a to getvalue else set b to get value.

Hope you understood it :smile:

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I don’t think it will increase size. Because at first, all SDKs and required codes imported to your app. For example: I got a warning when I upload my app to Google Play and it was saying something like this: “Are you sure your app has not any ads, because your app contains AdMob SDK.”

And adding new component, only adds required codes. It does not import SDKs or required modules, because they are already imported when you create a new project.

In short - adding new component will increase your app size, but not too much.


@Abhijith_Dominic It is getting too long and complicated because I have to have swiches, because I have to do different things wit the same results. I get your point, it is just getting too big to manage now.

How about setting a global variable to the get value and calling a procedure to do something?

Nope cause the value changes. It is stats on usage. I have to populate the stats on start, track the stats as used, and then if the usage exceeds what is permitted I have to trigger warnings, or shut downs. I think one extra FB component will not harm. I have nest, in nests, in nests. It is getting so bad I am dreaming of this :slight_smile:

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