Application size increased automatically after kodular fenix

Hello Kodular… :pray::pray:

I was updating one of the old app and found that the app size is increased by ~3MB without adding any extra components or assets or blocks.

App of 8 mb is getting 11 Mb and App of 10 Mb is getting 13 MB …

Please fix this issue in next update :smirk:

Befor Application Size :point_down::point_down:

After Update Application Size… :point_down::point_down:


It’s possible the reasoning for this increase was library upgrades. No need to be worried.


:octopus: Nathan


But this is having an effect on the application …

Hello Kodular …

Please do something so that the app will be created in at least mb … Like Android Studio :grin:

I didn’t find such issue in other builder and they also upgraded their libraries

this size issue was from the starting in the kodular and I think it will remain an issue

Hi @Amit_Narwal,

The inclusion of additional libraries for new components could also be the cause of increased storage fulfillment. Although @Mr_PRAKASH_THUL didn’t add new assets or components, all libraries are included with the APK even if they aren’t used.


:octopus: Nathan

@Amit_Narwal yes… You’re right :neutral_face: