Application update


I have saved a project modifications wtih the “save as” in the menu. My problem is that when I want to install the updated version of my with this new file, my phone ask me to install the app as a new one not a as an uptdate of the installed version.

I hope I’m clear…

If someone knows how to uptate my installed app with this “new file project”.


i didn’t understood anything… Would you like to explain clearly…

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Sorry my english is pretty bad.
I have developped an app called “histoires” ans i have installed it on my phone.
After that i have done some modifications (in design and code) but i have saved this new version in a new project called “histoires2” (but my app is still called “histoires”)
When i download the histoires2.apk to my phone it doesn’t ask me to install an update of the previous version of “histoires” but it install a second app with the same name.
So how Can i do to install an update of the previous app, not a new one.

Rename the package name of both the project
And make sure that package name will be same in both project…

Don’t change app name always modify same app