Appnext extension

I need appnext extension anyone have appnext extension

From what I saw it is similar to an ad platform

And ad extensions are not allowed.

But i am used appnext extension in other platform

Another platform based on AppInventor?

Even if it is, I said, ad extensions are not allowed.

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My mean i am use appnext extension in other app inventor

Your application will not be built if you use extensions of that type


App not build in only kodular but other platform like thunkable HydrlIDE are supported extension

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I think in this case you should look in their respective communities :thinking:

All Ad extensions are not supported in Kodular

Please ready my replay again

Mean,please clear me

And you should read our answers, even if it works on other platform. It doesn’t work on Kodular so give up…


If ad extension are not supported any other person why come to use kodular

Kodular already has, in my opinion, too many ad components, use them instead of extensions


I unlist and close this. This is already answered.