Apps created using my Old AIA projects are hanging

Apps created using my Old AIA projects are hanging. And sometimes the newly created Apps are also hanging if we are not providing any package name for that App.

And yes on LIVE test it’s running perfectly, and as I am noticing, this error is coming since the launch of 1.3B.1 Draco.
It’s hard to understand what is the reason behind it, I have not used any old extension on my AIA. Anyone Answer?
@Diego @KodularCreator

Check some sample Apps:
AccountsS.apk (6.7 MB)
Scanner.apk (6.8 MB)
Scanner.aia (282.7 KB)

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Then give a package name.

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Do you have old extensions?

Thats a big cause. Sometimes features of extensions are rolled into the native system, and conflicts can arise. Normally you would see them on compile, (if you are trying to import the same library twice you may have an issue), and other times it may manifest itself as a computational confusion. If you are not using a native feature, and an extensions instead, make sure you have a good reason, and that you have tested it.

Hanging apps are also caused by endless loops. I have had my share of them.

As @yusufcihan said start with the basics, a package name, and then look at old extensions, and loops.

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than type in a package name if this helps

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i am facing same issues. but i found that when we enable test mode in admobs then app works excellent. if we close test mode in admob then app hangs,

its all after new update of Kodular Creator 1.3B.2 ,

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yes you are absolutely right I have been observing the same from last few days with Admob component.
Dear @KodularCreator team (@Diego ) please look into this matter.

Check this : My Kodular app doesn't seems on device after downloaded
I think if you do this thing, the error will be solved.

Done, but issues is still pending,

app is hanging with admob component without test mode.

with test mode enable , app working Good.