Apps not working in Andriod 7.1+

I build an app but that apps not working on android 7.1. It open but when i click a button the apps getting restart again and again .

too general the description…
In these cases, we must proceed selectively to isolate the problem.
For example: Did you try to regenerate a copy of your app without extensions?

Try to do this and show us a log and your blocks:

yes without extensions the apps work but with extensions apps don’t work

Well, a step forward…
Now you have to test, starting from your original app (the one that is troublesome) and remove the extensions one at a time.
This at least serves to identify the extension that creates the problem.
Once found, you’ll have to analyze your blocks calling this extension and see if there’s any parameter missing or if any value is incorrect…

The easiest way without lot work is to show us the log.
The thing I had wrote above about it.

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Hi Mika,
you are right, I suggested a more empirical way… empirical
Yours is definitely more logical and professional.

but i can run the same apps bellow android 7 . and that work totally fine