Appybuilder AIA file not opening in Kodular!

Appybuildar Aia file not open kodular plz helpme

Please help us to help you.
Give some more details.
I do not know whether anyone is magician in Community.


delete admob and components that are not available in Kodular than try again!

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But @dayalrosul2 has not provided necessary details like error, screenshot or something helpful to us.
Maybe your solution is right.
In fact there are many components on Kodular which are not in appybuilder or with different name.

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Delete Admob And Spacer in Appybuilder, then import here, mostly admob components and spacer of appybuilder create problem

Delate admob but not open

You should provide more details so that we can help you.


The best thing you can do, is to recreate your project in :kodular:



I want to add to a few comments here. @Boban and @David bring up two important points.

  1. Components are not necessarily interchangeable. So some components in one system may not work in another. This is especially true with advertising components.

  2. When you ask a question, you need to provide the details as @vknow360 and @Peter mentioned.
    That includes screen shots, and more information about the aia.