AppyBuilder offline - How to modify Max Api Number

I want to try appybuilder offline.
But max api version is 28. I want to modify. How can i change this?

You can not. AB isn’t developed anymore. You shouldn’t use it.

Build the APK, decompile it, set targetSdkVersion = 29 and recompile.


In the end you will get into trouble somewhere. If there are bugs in AB they will not be fixed anymore. So just use Kodular to make your app or use App Inventor offline if you want an offline version.


I am currently using your method. However, it gets very challenging.

App inventor is so basic therefore i wanted to try appybuilder. kodular is really good but I do have problems in some places. Especially firebase and webviewer.
Maybe this applies to appybuilder as well. I will try.

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You can ask about them in the community. We will always help you.

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