Appzard Targeting SDK 33 Android 13😲

Appzard Targeting SDK 33 and they provide obfuscation and ProGuard but I’m not sure which platform should i use​:thinking:

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wow amazing team. i wish we could get the same expert team.

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I just looked at the first page of their forum and there are many topics about crashes, bugs, apps not compiling, and the new release has many issues.

Other than it being completely free it doesn’t seem much better than Kodular.


A tool is going to be released soon by me for this issue


completely free but have sdk 33
kodular has premium users but don’t have sdk 31 even.

we can allow errors for kodular apps but atleast they can add sdk 31 to publish app.


august 31st is the last date for sdk 31. next to this require sdk 33 from 1st september 2023.

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i’m creating an app that will make your App Target API 33 and also will provide Playstore publishable AAB files.
App Development under process, Don’t worry will publish before 2023-08-30T18:30:00Z

As of now, I’m planning to charge 0.5$ per build, as whole process is done manually by myself.

Don’t ask me how i do it :hugs:

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if my work doesnt complete under 31st august i have to build 15+ bundle files, so please provide me discount :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

definitely, till now no amount has been confirmed, will update soon about the service details.

Please Complete your work before 31st august, I can’t depend on kodular team…