Are there possible to find a job?

I created the difficult program for Thanks.
It interacts with hardware (EFT terminal), reads bank cards and print reciepts on the printer. Works good. Fast.
I do not understand, why Kodular is worse than a Android SDK

Any way. Somebody (except me) using Kodular like serious development tool?

If so, may I find a vacancy? Android developer a lot of, Kodular - no one… How to find?

I live in St. Petersburg, but the country doesn 't matter

@tel224491 welcome to our community!

I don’t consider one better than the other, they are simply different development tools.

I do use it like a serious tool and believe we can get amazing results with it.

Who knows? Maybe someone can help you with this, I can’t because I’m a freelance developer.

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İ have developed taxi ordering app with Kodular. Kodular is great platform, and i am very thankful to Kodular stuff


OK. If I create Android app (does not matter how I did it) - I am Android developer…
But 100% vecancies needend Java/Android SDK.

If it is possible to do Android apps without Java/Android SDK (it is true), where at least 1 vacancy?

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Good question. But i think answer is no. Because companies looking for android developer which not only to prepare the program, but also to be able to work by other developers in the future, a project to be done as a team and want to be controlled by different coders. for this, the Kodular must be as common as Android Studio.

Why must be? May be…
There are a lot of highly specialized solutions in any field.

Java specialist training - 1 year and more. Slullaty from 200 thousand rubles. (Russia). About 3 thousand euros. But it is not important. There are no people.

Training on MTT APP INVENTOR -3-30 days. You can take any beginner willing to work for food. A loot of people.

Development of a medium application.

Java - I don 't know how many.
Kodular (Mtt App) - 1-3 weeks.

I 'm interested in a serious question. Technical ceiling compared to Android Studio.

Now I think it 's only “material design.”

I need a job. In Russia there are many vacancies “Android Developer”

I really want to offer not very large employer to organize development on

In addition to the argument that I do not know Java and Android Studio, there is 1 important point. Lack of people.

Kalashnikov 's rifle is not valued for shooting well or not breaking down.

With a box of Kalashnikov rifles, you can take any people on the street, put under the gun and you 'll have militia. And they can fight. And for a long time. History knows many examples.

Any other comparable weapon - special training is needed, including assembly - disassembly. Otherwise, at the first problem, the armament will become a metallolom. Yeah, shoots AR15 maybe more accurately than АК47.

About the same I see the situation with Kodular & Android Studio.

But maybe I 'm mistaken and Kodular has organics?

But in my opinion even bank applications can be made. The design is simple, there is no and there can be no “material design.” And if it works, what difference does it make?

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Once upon a time, websites wrote from “Zero.” And online stores made turnkey.

Today everyone uses Wordpress and OpenCart (In Russia 1С/Bitrix).

I try to understand - I have a competitive advantage (I know fast development technology) or I am faithfully mistaken. And Kodular is technically weaker than Android Studio?

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Kodular is not going to replace Android Studio any time soon.

Well if you are comparing Kodular with Android Studio, then it’s wrong, they both are different

Coming to vacancy, yes there are no vacancy in present for developers who develop app on MIT app Inventor distributions but who knows future, and why you are talking about job, there are already thousands of developers earning by the help of these platforms (freelancer/ads). Job can be felt more secure than freelancing but it totally depends upon the condition.
At last I want to say that At begining Google was just a search engine but know! “A company which let you find things” to “A company which get things done for you”,
Similarly there are several updatation which will come to Kodular i.e MIT app Inventor distributions,

At last just want to say that comparing Kodular to android studio is not justified

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Peter’s words and mine also:
I am here to learn not to earn

I have not earned a single penny with Kodular or others but I am still using it because:
who knows future

I want to be a Software Engineer that is why:
I am here to learn not to earn

What you can do
Develop paid AIA and sell (earn)

P.S. I am currently working on a job app.
Offer jobs and get jobs.