Are those blocks correct?

Hi all!
i am new in kodular and in programming without coding, it is awesome!
I am trying to make an easy app but i am facing some problem and i don’t know if i am doing well. I tried many time companion but, as i am using google auth, i can’t go beyond it.
What i am trying to do is create an app with only google authentication, that need also a firebase database to save game points . A way to earn points is also watching reward videos, i am not finished yet.
The question is, are the auth google firebase and database firebase somehow linked? if not, how can i solve the problem? At the moment do you think it can works? Is there a way to use companion and see my project also using google auth?
Thanks a lot for the help! you are awesome :slight_smile:
here the block screens
screen%201 home

looks like it’s an earning app… you would not get any assistance since Kodular don’t support earning app…
If you like to make any other useful and creative app do search on community, almost all the questions has been answered here…
Use search function it’s great…
And welcome to the Kodular community @davidemanente97
BTW google authentication doesn’t work on companion


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