Artificial intelligence

When can we expect artificial intelligence component in Kodular. Someone was already working on it earlier…


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What do you mean with Artificial Intelligence?
That concept is like saying “When do we expect an app creator which makes the app I want without doing nothing?”

What do you exactly want to do with AI?
Which kind of AI do you want?
Do you know the amount of algorithms of AI and ML that exist?


AI blocks will be based on integrated platforms or extensions. AI in on itself is just math, statistics and probabilities. I am finishing an app that compares two faces and gives a probability score on them being the same person.

What type of “AI” are you looking for?

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A KI what which takes the blocks from its own. The best if you say the builder what you want and simsalabim the block strats moveing. if you dont like what the blocks do you said them what they have to do. And after a few minutes of looking, simsalabim the apk is baacked withand full of ads. And you can publish the app.
Than you can look how fast you get millions of user which generates you daily 20 000 euro of income.

That AI ML is that what i want.

Team, how long it will take, till you are ready for implement.?
I wait…


i think they men components like recognizing objects in images or recognising the emotions etc in digital media forms
which can be done by machine learning too

App Inventor is experimenting/working on a artificial intelligence system that can be used offline. But it is still experimental.



I mean “Image rechonization” I thought team would understand when i said AI. The only platform currently supports is Thunkable with Microsoft AI. We would like to see AI in Kodular aswell as you have advance platform of Appinventor.



Thunkable already have extension called Microsoft Image Recognizer and Microsoft Emotion Recognizer. They also provided them as extension instead of component.

You can download these extensions from here:

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AI is more then just image recognizing :wink:

As machines become increasingly capable, tasks considered to require “intelligence” are often removed from the definition of AI, a phenomenon known as the AI effect. A quip in Tesler’s Theorem says “AI is whatever hasn’t been done yet.”[4] For instance, optical character recognition is frequently excluded from things considered to be AI, having become a routine technology.[5] Modern machine capabilities generally classified as AI include successfully understanding human speech,[6]competing at the highest level in strategic game systems (such as chess and Go),[7]autonomously operating cars, and intelligent routing in content delivery networks and military simulations.


AI is a very vaguely defined term, and a broad field in computers. :slight_smile: