Asd Files not showing in gallery

starting with SDK30 you are not allowed to create arbitrary directories anymore…

I do not know if we can download or copy something to android/media (probably by using SAF?) but what about downloading or copying your files to shared storage, i.e. /Download or create a subfolder there?


Than how popular apps and other apps also able to create their directory in android 11
The screenshot below is of Android 11 in which you can see Telegram also have their directory.

My Phone have android 11 and their folder is exist.

sorry, I should have said “starting with SDK30 Android restricts accessing the file system, you should not create arbitrary directories anymore”…
you can read more about that here Storage updates in Android 11  |  Android Developers

to keep it simple: use the ASD or shared storage like /Download
see also the overview by @bodymindpower

for everything else you have to use SAF which additionally requires permission from the user


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As I said before I already used ASD but I want to make user accessible directory which is not deleted after user uninstall the app and the files is showing in gallery also.

And if Android 11 restricted these directory than how other app are able to do it.

As I already said, you can copy / move it (from the ASD) to one of the Shared folders


(using one of the file extensions from @Taifun or @vknow360) and then it should be shown in the Gallery and all of these shared folders are accessable by the user.


Can I directly download something to these shared folder by making a sub folder in shared directories instead of copy or cut from asd.
As asd is made for storing confidential files which is restricted from user

You can create subfolders in the Shared folders and move the file(s) from the ASD there.
And how about if you try something on your own and only then ask questions (in case there are problems)?

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theoretically it should be possible using the web component
see also this example App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Webprefetch File by File | Pura Vida Apps


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Hey need help when i uninstalled app so automatic images delete from files how to set it why delete any imaes from my files or gallery

Explain in more detail… and show your blocks.

I thinks he want to say that his images are deleted after uninstalling the app because they are stored in ASD. and he don’t want to delete the images.

When I install apps and download any image is save on seprate folder Download/My App Name/ but when i uninstalled app and check images so images automatic delete from this folder only empty folder have
Can you tell me how to set

I set that blocks like it

What i do so it working successfully

Which folder? Show all relevant blocks (completely).

Thumbnail downloader

When I download any images files save in
Download and seprate folder Thumbnail Downloader
But when i uninstalled app so have only folder image automatic delete from this folder

How move/copy files
I want to move/copy this location

To this location

Can show me blocks its really helpful for me im westage my 5day to find the solution n finally i got your subject

Use one of the File extensions from @Taifun or Sunny (@vknow360) to copy / move files from the ASD the one of the Shared folders (like /Download) (btw, without WRITE permission on Android 11+).

Note: The File component has still bugs and therefore you cannot do it with this.