Asd Files not showing in gallery

I thinks he want to say that his images are deleted after uninstalling the app because they are stored in ASD. and he don’t want to delete the images.

When I install apps and download any image is save on seprate folder Download/My App Name/ but when i uninstalled app and check images so images automatic delete from this folder only empty folder have
Can you tell me how to set

I set that blocks like it

What i do so it working successfully

Which folder? Show all relevant blocks (completely).

Thumbnail downloader

When I download any images files save in
Download and seprate folder Thumbnail Downloader
But when i uninstalled app so have only folder image automatic delete from this folder

How move/copy files
I want to move/copy this location

To this location

Can show me blocks its really helpful for me im westage my 5day to find the solution n finally i got your subject

Use one of the File extensions from @Taifun or Sunny (@vknow360) to copy / move files from the ASD the one of the Shared folders (like /Download) (btw, without WRITE permission on Android 11+).

Note: The File component has still bugs and therefore you cannot do it with this.