Ask the staff about ios

Hello , I want to ask , some questions about kodular + ios

when App inventor launchs their ios version kodular will be have a ios compatibily? and how long will take?

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Please do some research before asking.
Kodular has no fixed date to launch a version what supports iOS. It is not easy to make Creator support both Android and iOS. But they are working on this.


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Sorry, I don’t ask for a fixed date, I only see kodular Twitter asking app inventor about open source of ios version, and only ask if will be to much effort to make it for kodular

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If…and if Kodular decides to make an IOS version they will have a lot of work. App Inventors IOS is based on the App Inventor components. Kodular has many many more so they would have to right IOS versions of the components. They have to use a different programming language to do that. Android is JAVA and IOS is SWIFT.