AsteroidDB - Simple but Powerful Database Service for your apps

Yes, that’s it and solved the Problem.
Thank you :+1:

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Hello Yusuf,

strange thing.
I tried to store data to an Asteroid DB. That’s no Problem - but the value I want to store isn’t a single one. In the real App it is a mixture of single values and list’s and also list of lists.

In Tiny_Web_DB storing and reading back is no Problem (it’s not the full code but I think you can imagine what I mean)

Now I would like to switch to AsteroidDB because of the much more features but the reading back is not working well.
First try with a very simple list

The reading back looks like a list but kodular do not like it :wink:

Is it possible to read it back an get exactly what i stored before?


Actually that’s how App Inventor Lists looks, however as AsteroidDB can run outside of App Inventor also (for example you can also make a website of your app which connects to AsteroidDB), I prefer storing more universal data type which every programming language can parse, for example you should store your data as JSON Array instead of App Inventor Lists. There is a component called JSON component, you can use it. Let me know if you need more help about it.

Or I can add a block which allows you to convert lists to readable format by AsteroidDB.

Hope this helps!


Of course it makes a lot of sense to use standards. however, I am not familiar with JSON. I think I need a push in the right direction.
What would the writing routine for my data set look like? and how can I read it back later?

I took a look at JSON. Very interesting, but JSON offers much more than I need here. Nevertheless, that would also benefit in the future.

A block for writeing/reading lists to/from AsteroidDB would be perfect :smile: :+1: - also for other users.

I find the JSON component but no idea how to use it in the right way.

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You want to be using a Web component and its JSON Parse block. :slight_smile:

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Is it possible to get a random value from the database without getting all the values first?

No, sadly.

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Thank you. Good job anyway on this awesome expansion!

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I’m already registered and don’t know how to use it. Who can help me?Is there free?

Uploading: qweqwe.png…

What is the reason for the unsuccessful creation?

@yusufcihan You have to update runtime.txt to the latest Python buildpack.

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hey @yusufcihan i think this should be in Extensions category

I don’t think it matters which category it is. It’s also kind of debatable since yes it is an extension, but it’s also a database solution derived from another.

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Can you help me?

What help you want kindly mention it

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See what I posted earlier

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You’ll have to wait.

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I still don’t know what to do. This is my first time using a network database. I can give you a username and password, can you help me with the operation?

There is a reason that I made the repo archived a long time ago; I don’t work on it anymore. (and I think you already aware of that as you are the first one who warned me about it is not working anymore.)

If people still want to use it, here are the instructions (you only need to do once).

  • Create a GitHub account (if you don’t own one)
  • Go to Import a Repository (
  • Type URL
  • Select “Private” or “Public” according to your choice. If you select “Public”, then the repository will be public to everyone.
  • Edit runtime.txt to python-3.7.9 or other versions as you find here.
  • Open Heroku dashboard, and select your existing app (if you don’t have one, create a new one.)
  • Go to the “Deploy” tab and select “GitHub”.
  • Connect to your account and give access to your repository.
  • Select “Deploy Branch” under the “Manual Deploy” section.
  • Now you’re done. You should now be able to use AsteroidDB correctly.

Or you can use better options such as Firebase.