AsymmetricCryptography : An extension for asymmetric cryptography

How this can be possible?
Can you please explain how to do it?

Another Great extension by @vknow360

Please make speed check extension

Using this:


Hi @vknow360,

This is indeed another interesting extension. For sure I am one of many who are testing this to work. For now I am trying to have a successful “encryption”. I downloaded from the link above and changed the labels for me to fully understand. Probably if it works I will document it so that everyone can follow from top to bottom.

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Hi @vknow360

Below is when the key is too short

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Hi @vknow360,

Bellow using default, with key length and without but seems both of them have the same error response. May I know what should be the steps? Sorry really newbie here.

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Hi @clem.sabarias
I have no idea that what’s wrong but it will be helpful if you can give me a sample apk.
Btw,I suggest you to read this:

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If i encrypt my video using this extension so the video is converted into unrecordable video ?

Sorry…that was quite unclear to me :sweat_smile:

This is how the process will go:

  • encrypt video using Base64 encoder and get string value
  • encrypt that string using this extension
  • save encrypted text either on device or on database

Revert the process to get original file


Hi Sunny,

I created two apps where in two people can send messages to each other through bluetooth. I have used the generateKeys block with length 1024 on both ends. Im encrypting and sending the text with public key from one end and decrypting it on the other end with private key generated there.Will it work?

Im getting the string but not the one which I sent, its seems to be encrypted one.

Hi @Ramesh_Babu Welcome to Kodular Community

No it will not work.String encrypted with public key can be decrypted only with the private key of that key pair.Its opposite is also true.

Your Public Key is saved to an online database and locally, while the Private Key is specifically saved to the local applications database… The Private Key is not meant to be put anywhere on the online if you are using ETEE.

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Thank you @hammerhai
I didn’t mean that.
Actually I wanted to say that if anyone is using public for encryption then he/she will have to save public key on database and if he/she using private key for encryption then he/she will have to save private key on database.
But as we know it is not recommended to use private key for encryption. It is for decryption.

I took the public and private keys from both apps and exchanged the private keys and stored them in strings.I was passing these strings as keys . Then I got the below error$ParsingException: Error parsing private key.

Double check your keys.

I removed them and created two more but still Im getting the same error.If you have any handy, can you give me two pairs of public and private keys.

Can you try it using v1?
com.sunny.AsymmetricCryptography.aix (7.0 KB)

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Im still getting the same error.

can i encrypt video’s using this?