Attempt to get item no 3 of a list length 2

Maybe it is answered before in community, but didn’t find it.

What I was trying to do.
When a button is clicked I will create a list and store the value or add the value to the list.
1st time it works and the button is clicked again it gives me an error, I tried to create dynamic card view, inside it label, the label text will be got from the list.
I can explain to you fully. I am new to dynamic components, pls help me

So did you read the error message, it isn’t coming from the component but from your blocks.
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I don’t understand that. :dizzy_face: :man_shrugging: :expressionless:

If you are trying to create bookmark option then this may help you.

You are trying to access item 3 from a list with 2 elements.

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I know to create like that, i am trying to make in card view

I dont know why it is showing the error, I will send you the aia, can you correct it pls.

Check your list. You is trying to get item 3, but there are only 2.
((1,2,3) ,(4,5,6),(7,8,9) )
((1,2) ,(3,4))

I don’t understand what are you saying

H- how

Look global count. It is a counter.

Pls correct it. Dynamic.aia (60.7 KB) :sweat_smile:

In the morning I am visiting clients and only with the smartphone. In the afternoon I turn on the notebook and start doing my jobs. It is now 12:50 p.m. Try to look at count and number in your loop block.

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Heres the fixed aia Dynamic_fixed.aia (60.7 KB) :heart:


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You have just renamed the aia and you sent me.

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Hey, I tested your AIA. The error is, you were trying to get item from global bookmarks and using global count as your index, which is obviously ‘+1’ from the length of list because for each number you had increased it by ‘1’.

Anyways, here is the fixed AIA file. Delete all the unnecessary blocks.

Dynamic (1).aia (61.1 KB)

Hope it helped you. :slight_smile:

Fine but, how can i hide these extra card views?

Yeah. So where’s the problem now? The error you mentioned is solved. Right? :thinking:
And these cards used to appear before too.

Can you solve it too? :sweat_smile:

Use dynamic components extension instead of dynamic card view. Your error will be solved. :wink: