Attempt to read from null array

How To Solve Attempt to read from null array on My Quotes App!

Why are you setting padding and margin to empty list?Also i suggest you to use dynamic components extension instead of custom design listview…

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Actually my problem is swipe video player Pro videos is not loading

Then you can elaborate more…Like error what is the exact question, etc…

I am using an extension Swipe Video Player Pro from Deephost and I have arranged the list perfectly but there is a problem which is Attempt to read from null array

Discussion about deep host extensions isn’t allowed in the community as he doesn’t support his extensions…

Ok… So give me a solution. How can I show videos on my app without Deephost extension

And also so how can I create suggest video layout

You can create a dynamic video player using dynamic component extension…or get thumbnail of a video and show it using video util extension…

what do you mean?

Can you please show some blocks so I can understand this

I mean how can I create YouTube type suggested videos layout on my app

There is a lot of tutorials about using dynamic component extension…Just set the component name to VideoPlayer … You can get the extension from here

Can you show screen shot…Also, i think that isn’t related to this topic…Please create another topic for your new question…

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I know how to create layout with dynamic component extension but I don’t know how to do to click function on dynamic component extension

You can see how to make a click method from this guide

Dynamic Image view or this 5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension | Guide