Audio Visualizer extension : Audio Graph

my bad :sweat_smile:i forgot to add permission in AskForPermission block

  public void AskForPermission()
    ActivityCompat.requestPermissions(activity, new String[]{Manifest.permission.RECORD_AUDIO}, 1);

i will update the current version

Edit: Done !

i will try

Does online streaming support?
URL Music

i added support for steaming audio from URL by seeing docs but not tested because i not getting a working URL

You can try if work then tell me too okay

That’s right I’m trying

I tried working online link unfortunately does not support. :unamused:

Can you pm me the audio link ? @mokhlis


Can adjust or set volume by Self???

Yes use the SoundLevel block


ok thanks , nice extension
i hope some feature like

start at position


set costume current position

Is it possible to add a clean block? Every time you change the view, it generates a new copy over the previous one. Another idea is a block to change the color whenever you want.

good morning colleagues, could you help me… I was looking at the possibility of placing this extension for an online radio?

Hi there! Can you please help me with how to do this? Any video instructions you can share with me? I am new to this thing. Thank you.

Hi there. Can you please help me with the complete audio graph of audio visualizer blocks? With the step-by-step procedures. Thank you and more power.

I don’t have the time to create your app for you.
Post your blocks and a test aia.

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Thank you for replying. Here are

my blocks.

@J_T where is AudioVisualize.Start block and AudioVisualize.DataSource block ??

I have just tested this too, with some shoutcast url’s, but it don’t seem to work,
Here is one of the URL’s i have tried with.

Any chance you can make it work ?.

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Audio Visualizer version 1.4

com.shreya.AudioVisualizer.aix (41.3 KB)

Fix View error reported by @Mauricio1 post link

Fix “it cannot play audio from Url” reported by @chholbech

Thank you so much :blush: @chholbech for sponsor :heart:


Thank you so much I have been looking for a similar extension for a long time

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