Authentication does not work

You have worked with Authentication google and the registration is not added to the Firebase panel

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It doesn’t support on Companion

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i know
i play to apk

is your package name ident with the app package name, did you imput your sha1 key. ?

I did everything when I clicked on Google did not work on

working email and password

than you did something wrong, i tested it a few sec again and for me it works without a problem. I use auth in my app too., I generated a new apk and tried to login with google and this works. So check your package name in the screen1, check your keystore file(maybe upload the old file which you took to got the SHA1 Key)
CHeck if you put in the sha 1 key to the white list in google auth section.

IF all this is ok than it will work for you

Do you own aia?

no i dont send you my aia file just put google sign in in a button or a label, make all things for auth in firebase and all things will work if you made all things like the team wrote it down.

It’s working fine for me. The only thing I am facing is the image is not retrieving. I tested it on a label. The image url is perfect. The url is working on another page. But on the same page the image is not showing. Else, the id, Name, Email etc. is working fine without any issue.

Is there a mistake for me?