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I am building an app which requires authetication. I have implemented the fingerprint sensor check. However, I cannot seem to find a similar component for facial authentication. Some phones, such as the Pixel only have facial recogition to sign in, and it would be great if this could also be implemented.

Does an extension like this exist?


How about do a search first?


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You’ll probably need to take picture of the user’s face and store it in TinyDb (if that’s possible).

Then when user uses app again it opens to a page with a camera in it. It takes the picture and compares it to the stored picture.

This is a very simplified way.

What would happen if the user is male and grows or removes facial hair?

Thta would be a way to approch it (allbeit, quite complex) However, I was thinking of a built-in function similar to that of a fingerprint reader, that (i believe) is handled by Android.

Helo, tahnk you ver much! I have taken a look around (mainly in puravida) but i have been unable to find anything.

We can’t store image in tinydb


Yeah, that’s good, but google is your best friend, too, and also, search the community.

Everything is interesting information.


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Well, that’s true, but you can reach the same goal with a bit kode.



Oh well, there goes that idea.


As I know if we are using fingerprint scanner for authentication then fingerprints(Which got scanned at present in app) is verified by Android. So I don’t think then if you storing image in your database(like firebase,etc) so you must have to implement AI in your app.

And I think it’s not possible now…
Anyway there may be any extension for this(if available) then it also get face data by Android…


You can try using the Microsoft Azure face recon API, have the user store an image of his/her face and then when the user wants to log in have the app take a pic and compare, if the api returns 0.9 (or whatever level of confidence you want) you complete the login. The flaw with this is that they can easily use a photo and probably get in. They have other APIs (Microsoft) that you can probably use to verify life, but I have not looked in to them very well.

Maybe a mix of the face emotions and the face recognition APIs.

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And is there any plans to build this into Kodular? I believe that Andriod already has a native methoud of authenticating (Just as @nikzdreamer2001 said)

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I don’t know anything related to face recognition but there are extension available for Microsoft Emotion and Image recognizer. You can find them here :point_down:

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hi @Vaibhav, i have tried to search any extension from post you referred but not found any solution regarding this topic.
anyway thank you very much as i have found an extension that was helpful for me

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