Automatically Blocks Packed

Hello Kodulars,
After new version of Kodular. Don’t know if someone seen that when we edit project or create new project and working on blocks then after sometime blocks are automatically Packed.

Sometimes it looks like cool when we have completed particular block but find difficulty when working. And after sometime these blocks are automatically unpacked.

Please let me know if someone has seen this.

Hi @ramrajput200021!
I’m not really sure what you mean by “packed” and “un-packed” ?
Can you please share a screenshot of the blocks that you are seeing ?

Do you mean collapsing and expanding of blocks ?
Collapsed blocks appear like this.
Is this similar to what you see ?

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Yes and Sorry for this. I have used packed and unpacked words instead of collapse and expand.

Hmm, I haven’t been to reproduce this, nor had we any other reports about this.
Is this behaviour repeating ?
Have you been able to reproduce it ?
If so, can you please describe how ?


This problem is repeated if I click once on any block.

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Are you working on Mobile device or PC

Mobile Device and I know now double click can expand/collapse block but I have click only once.

Sorry, never tried on mobile as what I know of, it’s designed to work on PC and not mobile

It’s Ok & the overall performance of Kodular new version is very good.