Avoid Crashes of the Application for some of the components

yes, you’re right, I missed it, thank you.


Are you sure you set screen1 about screen in the box in the designer mode? @dennis_littawe1542

default value will be null

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Yes have already checked it

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but not in every screen

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List is getting bigger and bigger



@Boban hope that kodular can fix the problem, you know more whether they fix it or look at it

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Thank you very much, I was able to fix the problem :smiley:


Even my app after the last update crashes on startup, I solved it by filling in all the fields about “About Screen”


Thanks so much. You save my time while waiting next fixes of kodular.


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Thanks for reporting this. This helps a lot!


Is this a solution that kodular can implement? I do not know if with this solution there would not have bugs.

After delete :
androidid ver 2
Spreedsheet extension
Tiny DB
My app is working !

This is because you left some properties of extension empty in designer mode



How about webviewer_loadHTML. I tried here the app immediately closed itself.

Speedsheet , spreedurl i have input url.
Tiny db named tinydb.
All screenabout i have input text, it DONT WORK, until i remove spreedsheet, tinydb, androidid


Here you can see app opened without any crash containing TinyDB & Spreadsheet Extension :slightly_smiling_face:

TBandSE.aia (37.5 KB)
TBandSE.apk (5.1 MB)

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I don’t find anything that is empty. But my app always crushes. Please solve my problem.

My app apk-
My app aia-
** aia removed by Mod -earning apps are not allowed in Kodular

Please take a look… And describe my issue… So that i can solve this. Please help me

Please tell me what is the problem with my aia… Why my app always crushes

I have to update spreedsheet and check again androidid, thank you.

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