Award advertisement


I want to know something about rewarded ad insertion

When the user clicks on Button 1, a warning message will appear on the screen and a warning will be given as if you want to watch the ad to reach the category. :green_square: DONE

When button 1 is clicked again after watching the ad, instead of the warning page, the desired
How do I get it to be categorized? :red_square: could not be done

I didn’t understand you so much.You mean that you want for the first click on the button to open the ad and on the second click open something else?
You can do like this :

when button1 click{
if adviewed ( this is a variable ) {
open what you want to open
} else{
open the ad and show the warning
set ad viewed to true

Forcing users to watch ad is not so good idea.

You want: after watching ad then if the button is clicked again, then goto desired category?

The first click asks the user to activate the category by watching the video.
If it watches the ad, I want it to go directly to the category, not the warning screen on the second click.

Ok @xCeday
So try this:
you will need to intialize a global variable to false which name is adviewed.

I do not force admob award winning ad policy.
He must watch the advertisement to receive the award.

yes button will no longer show the advertisement screen direct to the category

Unfortunately this is not what I want
After watching the ad to be watched once, I want the button to be active as a redirect to the category @Mohamed_Tamer

Can you show your blocks?

@Mohamed_Tamer Is it possible for me to share a discord or telegram address so that I can explain the subject more comprehensively?

No.Sharing personal info isn’t allowed here.You can share it here with us :slightly_smiling_face: or with pm

take a variable with initial value 0

when button click
if variable = 0
then show ad and set variable to 1
else redirect

when redirect set variable to 0

misunderstood from the translation

It’s really hard to state what I want here

So please contact via pm @Mohamed_Tamer @ADDYLIN

I made this blocks for you:

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