AwsS3Client Extension

Good afternoon,

I am not sure of the proper format for input for the blocks. See my blocks below. The below work:
-Delete File
-List Buckets
-Get Object List

I am not able to get Upload File or Download File to work. I am not receiving an error message. If I use an invalid path, then I receive an error message. Also are you able to read the objects in a particular folder inside a bucket? When I add a “/foldername” I get an error message.

Please note. I was testing in Companion, and I did not run the above blocks as shown. I disable all but one procedure block and ran it to test each block individually. I also added file exist blocks to verify the file “3.jpg” exist in the location specified. The AWS bucket is public and the user is given permission for full access. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.



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