Ayuda, para crear aplicacion antirobo/Help, to create anti-theft application

Today I went through a moment that made me reflect a lot. In the morning I suffered a robbery that took my cell phone, and made me think as a developer that we could do to protect your personal data should the case arise that the stolen cell phone was not connected anymore to send the request for blocking or deletion of data either through the linked Google account or Icloud.

I thought of some application that would help offline to delete data, or block the cell phone without having to ask for permission, just checking if the cell phone was or was not reported. Let’s say that the stolen cell phone installs the application that it verifies from time to time, be it on, off, if the cell phone has a Sim Card and entered Emergency Call Only mode, to which the application deduces that the cell phone was stolen and executes the process previously configured by the user to block the cell phone, emit a loud sound, take selfie photos, anything including permanently delete the user’s personal data and even the system if you have root access. And you will not have to wait for the attacker to connect the cell phone to the internet to be blocked.

I would really like to be helped to carry out this project. I know that it will serve more than one. Could it be possible to make this application with Kodular ?.

Hoy pase por un momento que me ha echo reflexionar mucho. En la mañana sufri un robo que me arrebataron el celular, y me ha echo pensar como desarrollador que podriamos hacer para proteger sus datos personales si llegase el caso de que el celular robado no se conectase mas para enviar la solicitud de bloqueo o borrado de datos sea a traves de la cuenta de Google vinculada o Icloud.

Pense en alguna aplicacion que ayudara de manera offline a eliminar datos, o bloquear el celular sin necesidad de pedir permiso, tan solo verificando si el celular fue o no reportado. Digamos que el celular robado le instale la aplicacion que verifica cada cierto tiempo, sea al encender, al apagarse, si el celular tiene una tarjeta Sim Card y entro en modo de Solo Llamadas de Emergencia, a lo que la aplicacion deduce que el celular fue robado y ejecuta el proceso previamente configurado por el usuario de bloquear el celular, emitir un sonido fuerte, tomar fotos de selfie, cualquier cosa inclusive borrar permanentemente los datos personales del usuario e inclusive del sistema si tiene acceso root. Y no tendras que esperar a que el agresor conecte el celular a internet para ser bloqueado.

Realmente me gustaria mucho que me ayudasen a realizar este proyecto. Yo se que les va a servir a mas de uno. Podria ser posible realizar esta aplicacion con Kodular?.

That cant be done with AI builders, as that needs among other thigs, to run in the background.

There is an app called Wheres my droid, that does exactly what you are saying.

Take a look at it. Unfortunatly this is an Android Studio project, not an AI based project.


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