Back press problem

Hey ppl i have a problem. i use the back pressed block and i want to close the arrangement and open the overview arangement if 3 variables are true. But the problem is, it closes the arangement but the variable is not truth. The variable is truth after you close one of two open container. For better understanding

I have an overview in my app. There is a button with news. So if you click the news button the variable for news is set to 1 and the overview container visible is set to false. In the same time another arangement is set to visible and show me the news things with 2 buttons.
If you click one of the two button you will see different news things and a variable is set to 1.
I use this variable in the back pressed block to close the arangement. So my problem is if i click one buttton and then the back button, the app close all things and not only the first one.
It looks for me as make the back pressed button a double check. Means if you click one time and one if block is true, then he do what he have to do. But after that he checks again if an if statemment is truth and makes the things what he have to do in this if statement.

Because 1 back click should close 1 arangement and if all arangement are close than he should make the overview visible not before. But he close all and open the overvie screen.

In my screenshot you can see it The first If block is truth and he should do only that from the first if block. not the other ones.
But as i told he makes the false block also. This is why i mean he make double check for one click.
At the first click on back button the first if block should set to false in the same momemnt the third if block should be set to thruth. If you click again on back than he should do the third block. But he do it at the first click.
I think this is a bug,

Pls make a look what i can do.
I dont know what i can do without a timer now. and double click or so.

You don’t need to use the β€œ=1” and β€œ=0” part of the block. The variable will directly evaluate to true or false.

Yes but i make the same in AppyBuilder before i changed to here with the same blocks and there it works. This is why i dont understand this. 1 if block is true if i click back, the true if block should do the operation. But if i click back The first if block what is true and the last if block what is false, do their to do operations.
The first back click should do the first if block and set the third if block to true. The second back click should do the third if block because the block is now true and not at the first back click.
1 Click Back the first IF_Block and set the third to True
2 Click Back the third IF-Block.

1 Back Click do the first and the third IF-Block. not only the first.
This is the problem.

Use elseifs then.

Thanks, i did it so. It works but i think there is a small bug.
I hope that is not a problem that i post each bug that i find. I want that this Plattform will be the number 1 under the Builder. I want help to fix all Issues. I dont look for bugs, i build my APP and sometimes i find some Bugs or Issue.
Hope that is not a Problem.