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Thanks for the reply.

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Can you please help me figure out what is wrong with my blocks?
My app tries to send personalized SMS to about 30 recipients whose records are stored in a listview. This was impossible before because Android and service providers would not allow a user to send multiple messages in a short time. But I thought maybe I could use your extension to schedule the sending of SMS at some fixed intervals. Only problem is I’m stuck with my blocks and I really can’t figure out what I am missing. Any light on this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, if your extension is not the latest version, first update it.
I recommend you remove the MakeDelay block, it is not recommended to use it as there are good alternatives to it. You could simply schedule an Alarm.

After you create the texting component, call β€œInitialize” method on that.
Also, you are not calling the SendMessage function.

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Thanks again.
When you said update, you meant Tasks 4.0? I just downloaded it.
It might seem stupid to ask but what do you mean β€œInitialize”? I am sorry but I really am a total beginner.
I really appreciate your replies. You must be a very good person to develop an extension and share it to others without charges and even have the patience to help them in detail. (I’ve been reading this thread.)

No not that, 4.0 is the beta version, anyway, you can use that.
You have to call β€œInitialize” on the component just as you call other functions, Initialize function is not seen in the blocks.

When you normally use any component, this is automatically called for you, but when using this with the extension you will have to manually call it.

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Tried your suggestions. But the app still fails to behave as it needs to. Somehow the Texting component fails when it gets to the third message. Also, I noticed that it closes the app or somehow it crashes (this is what android reports) when the service is started. Is this normal? Although I also noticed that even after the app closed or crashed, all the scheduled tasks still showed up in the foreground at the exact time they were supposed to. Tried a few things but thought I’ll always get stuck unless I get to understand what really is going on. Please help me.
Here are my new blocks:

No that is not normal, you are proving a string as a list that makes the service crash:


That was really stupid of me. But thanks.

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The extension tries some times to restart itself if there is any crash, this will cause the service to misbehave.

So that explains why it tried to send more messages than expected. Can I ask? Can the extension access the value of a textbox while the app is running only in the foreground or do all components get destroyed when the app is running only in the foreground?

If you are referring to (before I said the mistake in blocks), its because the extension tries to perform the operation but multiple times fails there.

It should be possible (only if foreground, i am not sure) to do it, you should instead create a tiny db, change the values from there and that can be processed later.

I will be unable to properly reply to posts for some days.

I’ll try your tinyDB suggestion. Sorry to bother you too much. Thanks.

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hello, is there a way to run a query in the background? and then run a prodcedur, thank you

Hello, we wanted to ask, can I implement this query with this extension?

is the use of pointers (%0) & (%1) only to get values ​​on Firebase data change events only?, or can they be used to detect data changes in other events?.

I’m trying to understand the context of this extension.
I want to get data changes from the MQTT extension where there are more than 2 events, is this possible?.

below is my problem, to implement it I have difficulty. should it be done using the EXtra function or should it register the event.

I really appreciate your time to answer my question, and thank you.

where is the download link?

Hello. Please help me. Just recently, I have been unable to build my app. I checked the build log and I found these lines:
(compiling io/kodular/nllmath/CSVSMSPlus/Screen1.yail to io.kodular.nllmath.CSVSMSPlus.Screen1)

ERROR: io/kodular/nllmath/CSVSMSPlus/Screen1.yail line 1597: caught exception in inliner for # - java.lang.RuntimeException: no such class: com.kumaraswamy.tasks.Tasks

I can’t figure out what just happened. I don’t remember doing anything that might have caused this. I was able to build the app a few days back. Why is this happening now?

I have a request. I hope you would consider it. Please make a more detailed documentation. I have a feeling it would be better for you to spend lesser time responding to our questions here and spend more time writing a more detailed (if possible complete with simple examples) documentation. Maybe with a more detailed documentation, the number of people asking for examples/ solutions here would be lessened. Thanks a lot. I appreciate your efforts in making the extension. Please focus on making it more stable and easier to use. We’d understand if you wouldn’t be able to respond to questions here for some time. You are doing all these free of charge. We all sure can wait.

Hello, I have a problem with the question that it does not work.