Background Tasks [4.1] 🥳

Hi, you cannot create a variable when the procedure is called

The MakeExtra block was replaced in favour of other things, if you really want to achieve it then you would need to call through java which would return the result.

When you need to call things dynamically like when an event is triggered, you would need to work with Java for better functionality.

Else incase you are using a foreground mode, then you can just call them through procedures and that would work out.

It doesn’t work for me, what am I doing wrong? S.o.S

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Hi, in the notificar procedure you cannot use blocks like that, you have to use actual components.

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@Xoma is possible?

Use DateTools By Sunny Gupta DateTools and Create a Proc same like GetMinSec to get Hour Minutes and Seconds Using Split text blocks.

Hello Koders,
I am trying to use Background tasks to run a proc or button click event to send some offline data to Google sheet. It seems that Click event is not registered or proc is not working too.
Please guide me.
NetworkCheckerButtonClick (1).aia (498.5 KB)

No, you cant create Visible components in the background.

Hello developers.
I would like to make the idea of sending notifications through a Google spreadsheet and extension of the Notification Style. I have not tried it yet, but I do not know how to use it.
Can this idea be done
and also not in a hurry when you have free time.

Thanks for this mighty extension.

Ali from Iraq

How ask permission ?
for “Autostart” permission or
“Show on Lock screen” and “Display pop-up windows while running in the background” permission
Plz help :pray: :pray:

You can see some examples please :blush:

Hey friend, you cannot ask for AutoStart permission at runtime currently.

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So, How Xiaomi/Oppo or … users, receive notification when app not alive and closed?
I found solution from here and this link but i don’t know how add this code.
Plz help

public class AutoStartHelper {

 * Xiaomi
private final String BRAND_XIAOMI = "xiaomi";
private String PACKAGE_XIAOMI_MAIN = "com.miui.securitycenter";
private String PACKAGE_XIAOMI_COMPONENT = "com.miui.permcenter.autostart.AutoStartManagementActivity";

 * Letv
private final String BRAND_LETV = "letv";
private String PACKAGE_LETV_MAIN = "";
private String PACKAGE_LETV_COMPONENT = "";

private final String BRAND_ASUS = "asus";
private String PACKAGE_ASUS_MAIN = "com.asus.mobilemanager";
private String PACKAGE_ASUS_COMPONENT = "com.asus.mobilemanager.powersaver.PowerSaverSettings";

 * Honor
private final String BRAND_HONOR = "honor";
private String PACKAGE_HONOR_MAIN = "com.huawei.systemmanager";
private String PACKAGE_HONOR_COMPONENT = "com.huawei.systemmanager.optimize.process.ProtectActivity";

Hello. Can anyone help me with this extension?
I want to display the note after 12 hours when the application is closed

How do I save the result of two events in a variable? When event 1 is executed, it returns true as a result and when event 2 is executed, it returns false as a result, the idea is to execute functions according to the stored value (false, true)

No, that won’t be implemented, these things may not work in some years, there is an alternative thing which I will add.

You try things, it is bad to ask for things every time :sweat:
I know this is difficult but, I am not online all the time these days.

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I noticed that when the “Show on Lock screen” and the “Display pop-up windows while running in the background” permission are active at the same time, it’s just like the “Autostart” permission one is active on its own and no need for “Autostart” permission to be active or not. Can anything be done to make them automatic ask permission?

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Yes actually for MIUI devices there is a way to check the AutoStart permission.
I haven’t implemented it yet, more testing is needed.


How do I get a person to receive a notification with the App closed? My App is chat! I need a chat notification in the background, is there a way to do a demo with this extension please???

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what do you mean by this

i too need it i am trying to do if i find success i will inform you

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