Background Tasks [4.1] 🥳

i am looking for location send through SMS , web in background please give code snippet,suggections

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Can Anyone Tell Me How To Set Condition On Web Response In Background Task For Example If url return 2 so show notification otherwise not show any thing and it’s refresh url every single sec

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xyz.kumaraswamy.tasks.aix (464.9 KB)

here you go

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Please Help Me With Block

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Good work!
I have a doubt, how do I get the Got Text return variables in ExtraFunction?

Try this, I had included an example of Web Got Text

does this work for you on version 4.0?

[quote=“Background Tasks [special], post:1, topic:171029”]
ItoO Tasks

again spectacular work!
I believe I understood the logic without much difficulty, I have already obtained positive results.

But before your answer about ItoO Tasks, with Background Tasks I also made some progress in dealing with GotText’s return, after aligning the reasoning with the logic used, things become clearer.

thank you again!

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where is my mistake? I want to record SystemTime


Hmm, maybe try this extension:

Unfortunately the extension has a kind of sync bug, it is fixable, but for now try that.

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hello, it’s not sending the full value of the coordinates in the new update. I used {%0},{%1}, but it can’t get the value, with {$0},{$1} sends only the first two digits of the coordinates to firebase

blocks - 2022-03-10T005433.724

Captura de tela 2022-03-10 005934

it dosent seem the problem is with the extension, extension replaces {$0} and other values accordingly.

yes, but it doesn’t get the full value of the coordinates. How can I solve?

Hmm, does it give full value when you use Pedometer normally…?

with version 3.8 it works perfectly, I get the full amount but I need the latest version to use the timeout component

I’m trying to run a counter in the background these are my blocks, but I can’t even get it to work for anything keeps giving me this error

You cant make that work in companion.


thanks it works now and changes the button text to “true” but the procedure is not working
it gives a notification that it’s running just doesn’t change the text :thinking: