Background Tasks [4.1] πŸ₯³

That my app will always be open in the background. And also … I want the app closed that it will display over other apps a certain image in a certain location on the screen.

Can some help me
I really don’t understand how to use this extensions
What I just want is the simple reminder to user daily at 5 am

how to do this in the background?

I tried but it doesn’t work, I don’t understand how to handle the content received from the get

Check, that there is a space in β€œSimple Notification”.

there is space in Notification …
but how can I manage the β€œIF”?

You will have to use ExtraFunction block or this extension:

is there any way to send notification o background when new item added on the list

Hey! im just trying to create a basic youtube radio app, and the problem i have encountered is that i cant play it on the background. It is pretty simple program, but i couldnt figure out how i can make it work at background. Any suggestions?

Hi! It seems you are trying to use visible components which cannot run in the BG.

Thanks for the reply! Do you have any suggestions to run Youtube Streams on background? Maybe some other extensions?

Some one please make a tutorial video on this extension. I want to learn how it’s works. Thank you.

This thread has over 1300 posts. It has infos and tips for nearly every needed information. You will need to go through it and search and read a lot. It is too easy and of course a little bit lazy from you to ask here for a tutorial video.


Hlw dear i want to run timer in background, can u please do it for me, i will send you aia , if u can do this for me i can pay you a small amount but Plzz reply me

1300 posts to read is a lot. tell me this extension can work with the web component? I want to receive json data in the background

Yes well honestly. It is really difficult to keep up.

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is there any way when a line added on list send notifications, with out using one signal because the list data it is individual and different for each user. i really need your help

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Please don’t spam the forum.

What is the difference between the extension here and the extension here:

And will my problem there, be solved by using the extension here.

I want to run this block: What do I do?


how do I do it?
This is the extension I use in the block:
com.jdl.FloatingView.aix (20.2 Χ§Χ΄Χ‘)