Background Tasks [4.1] πŸ₯³

Did the app crash?

I got a crash after some time it randomly starts to work. I will look into this.

Background Tasks 3.6 HOTFIX :partying_face:

  • [FIXED] Event issue which in some cases, for components like Proximity sensor the app would crash. This was because the event was fired too early for the extension to handle the event.

Nothing more than this fix :sweat_smile:

Download the extension: com.kumaraswamy.tasks.aix (468.3 KB)

You should update the extension to get it working. I got it right working in this version. First, try and check if it works with the app without closing it. I recommend turning on the foreground mode in the start service block. This will make sure that the service will be started immediately.

If you are using the version from 3.4, you can remove the CreateComponentsOnUi block. Also, the component clock is redundant. You can remove those two blocks.

The MakeDelay block is not useful here. This will just increase the waiting time. You can also remove it. You have set the requiredNetwork value to β€œANY” which is just not useful and will only work if the network is connected, so, set it to NONE .


Yes the app did crash after covering the proximity sensor a few times

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Was this solved in 3.6 version?

Thanks so much. Will try it out


There is actually more to do than just add a line of code.

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Oh ok
Just asked.

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Hi, did that work?

Hi, Nope it did not work… the app continues to crash which I place my hand in front of the proximity sensor. This is after downloading the Background Tasks Extension 3.6. Blocks used are below. Would like to know what I am doing wrong.

Please note that I am using the app on a Samsung J7 Pro phone

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They look correct, are you sure you have updated the extension?

Proxsensor.aia (469.7 KB)
Could you try this aia compiling it?


Thanks for sending the aia. Compiled it and loaded the app on my phone. The app crashed when I moved my hand near the proximity sensor

Hmm… It is difficult to know where exactly it does not work.
I will do some more tests, please wait.

Edit: Can you try enabling the camera permission?

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Thanks a lot. Look forward to your feedback. Very basic question… how to I enable the camera permission?

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Do you mean enabling it in the app itself?
Then you should use AskPermission in the Screen block.

Screenshot 2021-07-20 at 22-36-32 Kodular Creator

Just curious, did it work after enabling it manually in the app settings?

I hope enabling the permission did the work?

Thanks… enabling the camera permission did the job. Appreciate your help.

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Let me know if you face any problem!


@Xoma with this we can store data in in tiny db, But how to get it.