Background Tasks [4.1] πŸ₯³

Proximity Crash Bug v3.6A

Same reply for you, have you turned on camera permission?

Already Allowed, But the problem persists.

Permission allowed for sure?

Sorry Video Not Clear

Why @Xoma :pleading_face:

The app is only crashing only when the value is changed or he is moving the hand. There could just be one this wrong. The permission is not allowed

I may be wrong.

Edit: It got solved


I want to get push notification meg and title values to tiny db after closing app …Can someone tell me how to do this with this extension?

Do you want to save the messages/titles from the push notification to the tiny db?
It should be possible.

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yes.when the app is closed and the saved notification should be displayed on a lable when the app opened.

I do not have any experience working with PushNotifications.
Did you try anything?

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but it not working

That is not the way to use the extension.
You have to depend on extension’s blocks to register the event, do things accordingly.

I am trying something will let you know if it works !!


ok. :roll_eyes: :sob: …I will try.thank you.

ok.thank you.I’ll wait.

Sorry I failed in it :sob: :sob:

Where are you stuck at?

Heyy, I Was trying it out but Kodular has Removed Experimental Features like Notifications i Guess. It does not show even upon Searching

Please Say what can i do ?

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Hello how are you ?

Can this help me do this:

Running the service at a certain time, then after its completion, it is closed, but it is started again without user intervention?

or this block ?


To save resources only